Imperial Feng Shui

What is Imperial Feng Shui?

These two words, which translated means wind and water respectively, are used together to relate to the essential energy about us. This phrase was chosen because it was first understood that where there is a strong wind the positive energy will be blown away but where there is fresh moving water the energy will remain. From this came one of the founding principles of the understanding of energy in the environment.

Historically Feng Shui has been used by emperors and rulers to gain and maintain power and wealth. It is a skill, which has been practised for over 4000 years and creates harmony and balance be it in a home or a place of business.

One common assumption about Feng Shui is that it relates mainly to the interior of a building. However it is what is outside a building and the way in which the energy flows outside that defines the energy of the interior Feng Shui. If the energy cannot enter a building then whatever is done inside the property will be useless.

The growth in the popularity in Feng Shui in recent years has been remarkable but it should be noted that any change to a building will effect the energy and, without training or experience this can, in fact, damage the energy.

Contrary to the media coverage on Feng Shui, it was first used by the Emperors of ancient China. This knowledge remained a closely guarded secret until as recently as this century. Prior to this any Feng Shui Master, who revealed Feng Shui secrets was beheaded.

Still today there is a certain reluctance by many Feng Shui Masters to pass on their knowledge. This has lead to a sometimes confusing mixture of fact and fiction on this subject.

The Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes has been set up to clear up this confusion and provide a thorough understanding of the concepts and practices of authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes.

Imperial Feng Shui, the traditional skill as practiced for many centuries, is a combination of many styles of Feng Shui for different circumstances and aspects of the environment.


Chinese Horoscopes

Over the centuries Chinese Horoscopes have been proved to be extremely accurate. The Four Pillars of Wisdom method is, perhaps, the most accurate of all. It is used to identify the supporting elements for an individual from the Five Element Cycle as well as those elements to avoid. These elements define colours, directions and potential careers. It is even capable of assessing the right partner. Each of the Four Pillars represents a relationship with a family member, partner, career success or financial fortune.

The Four Pillars of Wisdom is the foundation for The Major Fate, a complicated method to determine how life will be in 5 year “fate” periods. This can be used to calculate the best time to start a business, invest for the future or marry and have a family.

It can take more than two days to chart a full horoscope but once complete it contains all the information needed about a person.

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